Meet Heard Broadrick

New Member Heard Broadrick
New Member Heard Broadrick

One of our newest members is Heard Broadrick. He and Alice Faye moved to Scottsdale in May of this year. Heard is a product of the Oklahoma oil fields where his and Alice Faye’s progenitors lived and worked. He spent his career in the petroleum distribution business wholesaling on behalf of Texaco to service stations in and around Ada, Oklahoma. Most recently, the Broadricks called Edmund, Oklahoma home, but with a son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren living in Phoenix, they had occasion to visit The Valley. They soon came to realize that despite having deep roots in Oklahoma, a little bit of heat wasn’t a bad trade for tornadoes and ice-storms. They’re here to stay. We all win on that swap.

University of Oklahoma student, Heard Broadrick
University of Oklahoma student, Heard Broadrick

Heard is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. With family in the oil business, Heard picked “journalism” as his field of study. (I’m sure that qualifies as some form of non-sequitur.) I’m told Heard was the “fighting” editor of the school newspaper, “The Oklahoma Daily”. I’m not sure how to read that. Did the paper actually have a “fighting” section or was Heard a “fighter”? I’ve found no record of him ever being arrested for conduct unbecoming of an editor. You’ll have to get the rest of that story yourself.

As I’ve gotten to know Heard, I’ve discovered he’s passionate about a number of things – his family, golf, smiling and the history of the Golden Age of Hollywood. He is an avid researcher of vintage films, particularly westerns. He has actually appeared on a number of radio and television shows in Oklahoma talking about movies and the people that made them. He had the good fortune of meeting many of the stars including one of his favorites, Gene Autry.

Heard was born March 6th and shares a birthday with Michelangelo, Alan Greenspan, Bob Wills and Trigger. I’m not going to tell the year Heard was born, however, the most famous western released that year was “Stagecoach” starring John Wayne.

If you’re looking for smiles at Gainey Ranch, say hello to Heard when you see him. He’s got one for you.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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