Oh Boy! Bailey’s Back

Matt Bintzler (top) and Rickie Currens - 1st place
Matt Bintzler (top) and Rickie Currens – 1st place

After beating balls at Pebble Beach, Bailey beat the boys by birdieing five holes on his way to a two under par 70 in the Saturday Green group’s Inferno Cup competition. But (believe it or not), the best Bailey could do in the team event was fourth place. Matt Bintzler and Rickie Currens paired up to grab first place three strokes in front of the MSU Spartan team, Rick Hurula and Howard Jones. Scott Hull and Dennis Kildare escaped with third place besting Bailey and Heard Broadrick in a scorecard playoff.

There were some big movements in the Inferno Cup standings. Dennis Kildare woke up in 19th place Friday morning, but by Saturday afternoon, he was in 11th place less than fifty points from a top ten ranking. Matt Bintzler moved up seven spots. Currens jumped nine spots.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 70
  2. Brian Dunigan – 75
  3. Howard Jones – 76

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 64
  2. Jon Gruenhagen and Bailey Ogrin – 67

Gross scores averaged just north of 86 with about six percent of the holes yielding birdies to the field. As always, there were a few scoring “anomalies”. Matt Bintzler logged three birdies and the same number of double-bogeys. Howard Jones was just off the edge of the 14th hole (#5 Lakes) after his second shot. He was ten yards from the hole. It was a par 5 hole. What a coincidence! It took him five strokes to get the last ten yards. Nice double-bogey. Jon Gruenhagen, Heard Broadrick and James Wexler all recorded eights in their rounds. Heard Broadrick won the scorecard playoff by getting the latest eight – #16 (#7 Lakes). Mike Miller would have played better, but he took too many strokes. Rickie Currens successfully defended his title of “Best Dressed”. Howard Jones was voted most handsome; the vote was close – one-to-nothing. Competitors stroked a total of 287 putts that should have gone into the hole, but didn’t. And that my friend is the meaning of life.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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