Fodder for the Numbers Guys

Intended largely as a diversion from the actual match results for Wednesday, some of you with a propensity for numbers may enjoy this little peek into the performance of the players. The round was played on the Dunes/Arroyo course combination. The average gross score was 84.8. Here’s a detailed breakdown on how the course was played. Notice that the hardest hole on the Dunes sides was #1 which played to nearly a stroke over par (4.88). The toughest hole on the Arroyo course was the par 3 #6 hole which averaged well over bogey (4.19).Dunes-Arroyo 16

However, if you compare yesterday’s results with the last 844 rounds recorded on the Dunes/Arroyo course, they don’t line up very well. The average gross score is nearly four shots higher than yesterday’s round. The toughest hole on the Dunes side is #7 averaging over bogey (5.07). The hardest hole on the Arroyo side is #4 (5.11) easily explaining why it is the number one handicap hole on the nine.Dunes-Arroyo 844

With 844 rounds to base it upon, how would you rank the difficulty of the holes? How does your ranking stack up against the rank on the scorecard? What’s the significance of all this? I don’t know; ask a numbers guy.

Meanwhile back on the subject I was trying to hide, the Inferno Cup match was won by the team of Tom Swan, Howard Jones and Mr. Blind Draw. That strengthens Jones’ first place position in the standings, but there are still twenty-three matches yet to be played. Mike Nichols, Jose Leon and Pat Collins tied for first, but fell victim to the scorecard playoff. Bailey Ogrin and Mike Nichols shared low gross honors with 71s while Howard Jones took low net with a 65 narrowly edging Nichols by a stroke.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Nichols and Bailey Ogrin – 71
  2. Kris Rosser – 76

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 65
  2. Mike Nichols – 66
  3. Jose Leon and Bailey Ogrin – 68

Why was I trying to hide the results? Perhaps it’s because the irony strikes even me that Jones’ best golfing performances in over two years come at the same time his newest book has been published. Perhaps it wouldn’t look so bad if the title of the book wasn’t “How to Cheat in Golf”.

Still time to sign up for the “PGA Gainey Challenge”, but you’ve got to act quickly.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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