Everyone a Winner in the PGA Gainey Challenge

Matt Bintzler (left) and Rick “Sparty” Hurula

As of late Sunday afternoon, the PGA Gainey Challenge remains unsettled with the PGA players still on the field of play after a rain delay. However, the Inferno Cup portion of the challenge is history. It was an extremely competitive round. With a collective sigh of relief, Rick Hurula and Matt Bintzler walked off the final green with a one stroke victory and 308.4 Inferno Cup points. The victory moved both golfers into the top twenty in the standings well within striking distance of the money finishes.

Bailey Ogrin and Rickie Currens finished a stroke back and collected 236.4 points. One stroke behind them was Howard Jones who played alone. Oops – just kidding. Bruce Partridge was his partner and he actually did well OK.

The difference in the match was the eagle (net double-eagle) made by the Hurula/Bintzler team. There was a lot of great golf played out there over the weekend. It was a successful tournament and there’s still a lot of Inferno Cup golf to play. It’s still anybody’s Cup.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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