Meet Brian Dunigan

Brian DuniganThe Great Depression was taking the world economy into the depths of depression, but the oil industry was on the rise. Entrepreneurs saw opportunity in the oil rich Panhandle area of Oklahoma and Texas. Brian Dunigan’s grandfather was one of those entrepreneurs. Jim Dunigan moved from the southeast to Colorado, then to Oklahoma and finally found his home in Abilene, Texas. An oil field tool startup did well and led to cattle ranching and other successful ventures. The family businesses grew, but things took an unexpected turn when Jim’s son, Pat Dunigan, died. Pat’s youngest son was only twelve years old. Brian Dunigan had to grow up fast.

After studying at Abilene Christian University, Brian and his two brothers, Mike and Andy, moved to the family ranch, Baca Land and Cattle Co., in the Jemez Mountains west of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 2000, the federal government purchased the ranch to create the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

With no more cattle to rope, elk to hunt or tours to guide, Brian focuses much of his time maintaining his mid-single-digit handicap. I had the pleasure of golfing with Brian recently and was impressed by his level-headed approach to the game. He doesn’t like bogeys any more than the next guy, but he keeps his wits about him and looks toward the next shot without dwelling on the past one. That’s a sign of a good golfer.Leaf Dunigan

Brian’s interests are not confined to the world of golf. He’s also an accomplished artist. You can peruse his work at Brian Dunigan Fine Art.

Brian lives in McCormick Ranch with his wife, Leaf, and his eight year old daughter, Bailey. He also has two children, Austin and Alexandra, that have grown up and left the nest. Leaf Dunigan is a holistic health coach and may be taking up the game of golf soon. Watch out; she’s got a pretty good coach.

Say hello to Brian and Leaf and let them know we’re delighted to have them in our midst.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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