Bintzler Brings Home the Bacon

Matt Bintzler Wins Big
Matt Bintzler Wins Big

When you’re hot, you’re hot! What more can be said? Matt Bintzler’s had a couple of days where he has ravaged the field. When Matt teed off Friday afternoon, he was in seventeenth place with 1,447.9 Inferno Cup points. By noon Saturday, he had lunged into seventh place with 2,052.7 points barely eighteen points behind Kris Rosser in sixth place.

Bintzler started his assault Friday by capturing 232.2 points with a second place finish along with Brian Dunigan and Mike Forde. They missed first place by only one stroke behind the team of Mike Miller, Dan Hourihan and Bruce Partridge. Partridge carried the day by carding a gross 86 from the championship tees. It’s a good thing the club suspended the operation of the Handicap Committee. It removed the catch limit on this fishing season.

Mr. Bintzler returned to the field of play Saturday to shoot a net 64 to beat the field by two strokes and earn 372.6 additional points toward the 2014 Inferno Cup. Rick Hurula who has also been on fire recently took second place and moved into the twelfth spot in the standings. Two weeks ago, he was in twenty-second place. Gary Graham tied Rickie Currens for third place, but Currens lost the scorecard playoff.

Here are the complete match results for both Friday and Saturday.

Bintzler HotSauceFriday

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 72
  2. Mike Nichols – 75
  3. Harold Hoeg – 76

Low Net

  1. Bruce Partridge – 65
  2. Jim Gabriel and Tom Hansen – 67


Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 71
  2. Rick Hurula – 76
  3. Matt Bintzler and Mike Nichols – 77

Low Net

  1. Matt Bintzler – 64
  2. Rick Hurula – 66
  3. Rickie Currens – 67

There are still seventeen Inferno Cup matches remaining to be played. To some, it looks like Jones’ lead is insurmountable. However, Jones will be out-of-town for at least three of those matches. After playing six more rounds than the next closest competitor has played (Dan Hourihan – 26), his threshold for points is so high it will be difficult to advance in the late stages of the competition. And Matt Bintzler proved today that with focus and a good swing, it’s possible to make monster moves overnight. Hang on – this is going to be a tight finish.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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