Meet Matt Bintzler

It seems almost silly to introduce Matt Bintzler. After all, he is the guy that adopted the “take no prisoners” approach to golf over the past couple of days and jumped from near obscurity into contention for the 2014 Inferno Cup. But just in case you’ve been in a cave or simply didn’t survive his onslaught, allow me to introduce him.

Bintzler bioMatt is another one of the “young guns” at Gainey Ranch. He is a pleasure to be around, a delight to golf with and passes out smiles like the widow on the corner passes out candy bars on Halloween night. (They tell me the widow doesn’t do that anymore, but she certainly used to when I was a kid and the buck stopped with Truman.) Matt hits a golf ball so far off the tee he has to dip it in salt to preserve it until he can get to it.

Matt is single, but is frequently seen decorated with his main squeeze Annie. She’s such a doll, she’s forced to carry an aerosol can of “anti-wolf” spray when she meets Matt in the Member’s Grill after golf.

Technically, Matt is an Arizona native. He was born on Luke Air Force Base. However, he left Arizona when he was a small child. His father went to work for Presidents Reagan and George “the elder” Bush in Washington. Matt probably has “a file” on half the members at the club.

Arizona State University to proud to claim Matt as an alum. He earned his Bachelor’s, Masters of Business Administration and his Masters of Science Information Management at Sun Devil U. He is currently the Manager of Web and Mobile Development at Honeywell Aerospace. He is also the I.T. User Experience Manager.

Matt is not without flaw. He is an avid Green Packer fan and has actually been known to travel to Green Bay for the games. There’s counseling for that, but Matt’s still young and may grow out of it. His favorite baseball team is the Baltimore Orioles. The Phoenix Suns is his favorite basketball team. He likes the Packers and the Sun Devils. He didn’t mention his favorite golfer, but he seems pretty smart. I’m sure it’s me.

Tip your hat to Matt Bintzler. He’s a great addition to the group.

Author: h. Alton Jones


2 thoughts on “Meet Matt Bintzler”

  1. It would be even better if Dr. Jones, knew who Matt was and actually posted his picture and not Greg Nelsons picture. So also meet Greg Nelson, the man in the picture!!!


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