Now on the First Tee – Noah!

Nine BridgeWednesday’s Inferno Cup match was played with a cart-path only mandate and was restricted to a Lakes/Lakes venue. After the torrential rains of the past twenty-four hours, the Lakes course was the only one that could be found. And even then, parts of it remained hidden from view. The picture shows the bridge from the #8 Lakes green to the #9 tee box. Not a problem for the former intercollegiate swimmers in our group, but most thought it best to drive around behind the #9 Dunes green to traverse the high water.

Patrick Sheehan continued to play well and carried his team to victory and closer to the top of the Inferno Cup Standings. Sheehan, Jason Sample and Bruce Partridge literally slaughtered the field. The second, third, fourth and fifth place teams were separated by only two strokes. Sheehan, Partridge and Sample finished twelve strokes in front of the second place team. A check of the pencil on their cart showed it had no eraser left, but with Sheehan’s gross 77 and Partridge’s net 64, it’s no wonder their win was resounding.

SheehanBailey Ogrin finished only two strokes over par with a 74 and recorded three birdies. For that performance, he won no skins. Kris Rosser had four birdies on the back nine alone and walked home with only two skins. Howard Jones bagged three birdies and if he had putted with his eyes open would have had many more. He earned a pair of skins.

You boys that are out of town hiding in Canada, Minnesota, Washington and those other places where mosquitos make the cover of the Boone and Crockett magazine are missing some good golf. Temperatures here are in the upper seventies and the humidity is running 20%. (OK, I’m lying about the temperatures.)

We had so much water on the course that the hazards were overflowing their banks. The geese were wearing life-jackets (and staying way past their visa limits).

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 72
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 74
  3. Patrick Sheehan – 77

Low Net

  1. Bruce Partridge – 63
  2. Patrick Sheehan – 66
  3. Kris Rosser – 68

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Author: h. Alton Jones


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