TGIF or So Sayeth Forde, Nichols and Wexler

Mike Forde in 1976
Mike Forde in 1976

It was an intensely competitive match Friday with each four man team needing its best gross ball and its best net ball to settle the score. A mere two strokes separated the fourth place team from the first place team. Mike Forde, Mike Nichols and James Wexler took down Ken Vlah, Kris Rosser, Dan Hourihan and Scott Hull with a gross birdie and a net birdie on the last hole to win a scorecard playoff. Forde played well shooting net 68. The second place team was led by Ken Vlah with a net 65.

The Inferno Cup leaderboard has been crowned with the name of Howard Jones for the past month, but his insurmountable lead appears to be morphing into a very surmountable one. Friday’s victory moved Wexler back into the top ten and moved Nichols into third place. Bailey Ogrin’s team grabbed third place and he strengthened his second place position as he takes aim at Jones.

Ken Vlah
Ken Vlah fired net 65

Low Net

  1. Ken Vlah – 65
  2. Mike Forde – 68
  3. James Wexler – 69

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 74
  2. Kris Rosser and Mike Nichols – 76

The Arroyo/Lakes course was in good shape after all the rains. There was still a lot of water running in the arroyos, but the greens and fairways were generally in excellent condition. I’d comment on the condition of the rough, but I never missed a fairway. (You’ve got to lie a little bit just to stay in shape.) #7 Lakes retained its title of most frustrating challenge averaging nearly bogey-and-a-half. Perhaps the surprise hole on the day was #7 Arroyo. Normally it’s one of the easier holes on the course, but for some reason played at nearly bogey-and-a-quarter Friday. All I can figure is that guys were trying to stay hydrated and the men’s room was within sight. Perhaps their stances were affected by their bladders and they were hurrying their swings. The course coughed up one eagle Friday. Kris Rosser brought #5 Lakes to its knees with a solid three on the par five hole.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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