Meet Jose Leon

Jose Leon (2 of 2)But first, I must warn you. He’s one of “those” people. There are some who say they contribute to our society, but others question that claim. They’re known to lurk in the shadows of American towns. They speak a language that isn’t always understood by mainstream Americans. That’s right – Jose Leon is an attorney.

Jose is a rising star in the Arizona legal community. He heads Leon Law, PLLC. He’s another of our Sun Devils having graduated from Arizona State University and the Phoenix School of Law. Jose and his wife, Erin, have two children, three year old Viviana and six month old Marco Weston.

Jose Leon (1 of 2)Born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, Jose is the son of a successful agriculture and produce businessman. Arguably, he can say he is successful because of potatoes. (Even his kids call him “papa”!) That was the family’s main product. Jose’s parents felt his opportunities for success would be greater if he lived in the United States. They had a business in Nogales, Arizona and Jose grew up there.

His favorite travel destination is Coronado Island in San Diego, California. He tries to take the family there a couple times every year. His favorite sport is football! Or as it is more commonly called, futbol. This is not to be confused with that sissy sport of American football where everything is padded and most of the player’s time is spent in a team meeting called the “huddle” or waiting for the commercial to end. You may call it soccer, a competition where they run nearly continuously for an hour and a half without padding kicking each other with reckless abandon. Jose also enjoys watching the NFL games, but prefers Real Madrid for real excitement.

Jose is an immense pleasure to be around. He’s a strong competitor, but easy going and relaxed in his manner. You couldn’t ask for a more pleasant golfing partner. Like so many of us, he enjoys playing golf because it offers a challenge while giving us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. He says, “It is a calming environment (if you don’t let your performance get to you)!” That pretty well sums it up for most of us. Say hey to Jose someday soon. He’s a great addition to our club.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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