Dobkin and Hourihan Rise to the Top

Dobkin cards a 79
Dobkin cards a 79

With one month left in the Inferno Cup competition, Ron Dobkin and Dan Hourihan made big moves Wednesday by taking first place in a nine team event. They each picked up 286.5 points. The victory moved Hourihan into sixth place in the standing while Dobkin jumped into the top twenty. Marty Howe and George Stelmach captured second place while Brian Dunigan and Phil Graham edged Pat Collins and Bruce Partridge in a scorecard playoff for third.

The star of the show Wednesday was Ron Dobkin. He posted a 79 (net 61), a 300-to-1 odds round for Ron. Hourihan’s round was a 20-to-1 performance. It’s no wonder they captured first place.

Low Net

  1. Ron Dobkin – 61
  2. Skyler Irvine – 66
  3. Dan Hourihan – 67

Low Gross

  1. Brian Dunigan and Mike Nichols – 74
  2. Ron Dobkin and Bailey Ogrin – 79
Napa Building
One of many damaged buildings in Napa following a 6.0 earthquake

On an unrelated, but related note . . . I’m teeing it up at Sonoma Country Club in a couple of hours. I had lunch yesterday in Napa, California, just a few minutes east of here. It you think your day has been bad because you missed a couple of putts (or you’re Jim Gabriel and missed a lot of them), consider yourself fortunate. Some of the people of Napa are having a much worse day. Everything is relative isn’t it?

Author: h. Alton Jones


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