Who’s That Knocking at My Door

Bailey Ogrin - so good he does it with his eyes closed
Bailey Ogrin – so good he does it with his eyes closed

Friday’s match proved to be eventful to say the least. Bailey Ogrin continued to play the best golf of his life carding a gross 66 from the back tees on the Lakes/Dunes course. Bailey had one blemish on his scorecard, a bogey on #4 Dunes. But he beat that bogey into the background with seven birdies on the other seventeen holes. His score was in the 2,000-to-1 odds range. It seems he just keeps getting better.

Bailey’s partners, George Stelmach and Mike Forde played respectably, but for the most part, they were the gallery for the Ogrin Show. The team finished in first place putting eight strokes between them and an otherwise tightly packed field. With the 301.7 points he earned, Ogrin is now knocking on the door for first place in the Inferno Cup rankings barely 130 points behind yours truly. It doesn’t seem quite fair that I’m on a little mini-tour of Northern California promoting my latest book, “How to Cheat in Golf” and Bailey’s taking advantage of my absence. I was actually on San Francisco television Tuesday, but if I would have heard Bailey’s footsteps, I would have cut the interview short and headed back to the course. I’m packing my bags now, but unfortunately Bailey’s playing again today in the Saturday Green.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 66
  2. Mike Nichols – 77
  3. Brian Dunigan, Harold Hoeg and Ron Mercier – 78

Low Net

  1. Ron Dobkin and Bailey Ogrin – 64
  2. Jim Gabriel – 68

Looking at some of the scorecards from Friday makes me wonder of the course wasn’t haunted with golf demons (daemons for Lawrence Rosen and his fellow Brits) invisibly grabbing club heads at the top of backswings. Under normal circumstances, one or two players end up with posting adjustments per the USGA’s “equitable stroke control”. However, nearly one quarter of the twenty-five player field were compelled to adjust due to blow-up holes. One unnamed player took a twelve on #3 Lakes. I trust water came into play. Another competitor racked up a double-digit score on #5 Lakes. He settled down and had nothing worse than an eight after that – albeit two of them. Another normally consistent player posted multiple eights. Another scored a ten on #6 Dunes. If things don’t improve, we may see one of the disaster trucks that are ubiquitous in Napa right now parked in the Gainey Ranch parking lot. There were twenty-five triple-bogeys or worse Friday. Eballa virus?Catastrophe

Author: h. Alton Jones


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