Meet Loren Molever

Loren Molever
Loren Molever

Loren is another one of “those” people. That’s right; he too is an attorney. He earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Arizona State University/Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. With that said, what could be more logical than to conclude he earned his Bachelor of Science in television production. Well, probably most anything would be more logical, but it is true. Loren actually worked for CBS Sports/PGA Tour.

Now, if you think that’s funny, there’s probably a good reason. Loren is funny! Few know that he has performed a number of professional stand-up comedy gigs. And if you think that’s funny, you should see him try to sink a three foot putt.

Loren tees it up in Mexico
Loren tees it up in Mexico

Loren moved to Arizona from Pittsburgh with his parents in the sixties and has been practicing business law in the Valley for the past thirty-one years. He’s a golf and baseball junkie. With ties to the television world and comedy, he has a keen appreciation for the Dick Van Dyke show as well as for Seinfeld.

He has two adult sons, one – an attorney, the other – a professional musician. He enjoys visiting places like Italy, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico. He’s an absolute blast to play golf with and can sometimes hit the ball like hell. Other times, he hits the ball like hell. When you’re paired with Loren, his razor sharp wit makes it a ball no matter how well or how poorly you score. It’s just plain fun. Say hello to Loren Molever.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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