August 15th – Book Release

Cover Front WebHow to Cheat in Golf – Confessions of the Handicap Committee Chairman is a light-hearted treatment of a serious subject. In his discussion of cheating on and off the golf course, author (The Man on the Bench) h. Alton Jones identifies numerous techniques golfers use to game-the-system. In the past, exposing the sandbaggers hasn’t been an easy task. Jones has developed and explains a number of techniques that can make it easier for golfers to identify and expose those who seem to win over and over again while defying the odds. It’s a fast and easy read that will appeal to every golfer who has ever lost a nickel on the course. It makes a great gift for your golfing partner, the Handicap Committee Chairman or the District Attorney.

How to Cheat in Golf – Confessions of the Handicap Committee Chairman is available through, and other fine booksellers in the United States and Europe.

Meet Heard Broadrick

New Member Heard Broadrick
New Member Heard Broadrick

One of our newest members is Heard Broadrick. He and Alice Faye moved to Scottsdale in May of this year. Heard is a product of the Oklahoma oil fields where his and Alice Faye’s progenitors lived and worked. He spent his career in the petroleum distribution business wholesaling on behalf of Texaco to service stations in and around Ada, Oklahoma. Most recently, the Broadricks called Edmund, Oklahoma home, but with a son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren living in Phoenix, they had occasion to visit The Valley. They soon came to realize that despite having deep roots in Oklahoma, a little bit of heat wasn’t a bad trade for tornadoes and ice-storms. They’re here to stay. We all win on that swap.

University of Oklahoma student, Heard Broadrick
University of Oklahoma student, Heard Broadrick

Heard is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. With family in the oil business, Heard picked “journalism” as his field of study. (I’m sure that qualifies as some form of non-sequitur.) I’m told Heard was the “fighting” editor of the school newspaper, “The Oklahoma Daily”. I’m not sure how to read that. Did the paper actually have a “fighting” section or was Heard a “fighter”? I’ve found no record of him ever being arrested for conduct unbecoming of an editor. You’ll have to get the rest of that story yourself.

As I’ve gotten to know Heard, I’ve discovered he’s passionate about a number of things – his family, golf, smiling and the history of the Golden Age of Hollywood. He is an avid researcher of vintage films, particularly westerns. He has actually appeared on a number of radio and television shows in Oklahoma talking about movies and the people that made them. He had the good fortune of meeting many of the stars including one of his favorites, Gene Autry.

Heard was born March 6th and shares a birthday with Michelangelo, Alan Greenspan, Bob Wills and Trigger. I’m not going to tell the year Heard was born, however, the most famous western released that year was “Stagecoach” starring John Wayne.

If you’re looking for smiles at Gainey Ranch, say hello to Heard when you see him. He’s got one for you.

Oh Boy! Bailey’s Back

Matt Bintzler (top) and Rickie Currens - 1st place
Matt Bintzler (top) and Rickie Currens – 1st place

After beating balls at Pebble Beach, Bailey beat the boys by birdieing five holes on his way to a two under par 70 in the Saturday Green group’s Inferno Cup competition. But (believe it or not), the best Bailey could do in the team event was fourth place. Matt Bintzler and Rickie Currens paired up to grab first place three strokes in front of the MSU Spartan team, Rick Hurula and Howard Jones. Scott Hull and Dennis Kildare escaped with third place besting Bailey and Heard Broadrick in a scorecard playoff.

There were some big movements in the Inferno Cup standings. Dennis Kildare woke up in 19th place Friday morning, but by Saturday afternoon, he was in 11th place less than fifty points from a top ten ranking. Matt Bintzler moved up seven spots. Currens jumped nine spots.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 70
  2. Brian Dunigan – 75
  3. Howard Jones – 76

Low Net

  1. Howard Jones – 64
  2. Jon Gruenhagen and Bailey Ogrin – 67

Gross scores averaged just north of 86 with about six percent of the holes yielding birdies to the field. As always, there were a few scoring “anomalies”. Matt Bintzler logged three birdies and the same number of double-bogeys. Howard Jones was just off the edge of the 14th hole (#5 Lakes) after his second shot. He was ten yards from the hole. It was a par 5 hole. What a coincidence! It took him five strokes to get the last ten yards. Nice double-bogey. Jon Gruenhagen, Heard Broadrick and James Wexler all recorded eights in their rounds. Heard Broadrick won the scorecard playoff by getting the latest eight – #16 (#7 Lakes). Mike Miller would have played better, but he took too many strokes. Rickie Currens successfully defended his title of “Best Dressed”. Howard Jones was voted most handsome; the vote was close – one-to-nothing. Competitors stroked a total of 287 putts that should have gone into the hole, but didn’t. And that my friend is the meaning of life.

The Cup Runneth Over

Skyler Irvine – Net 61

Nearly two dozen competitors locked horns Friday and Skyler Irvine proved to be the standout. Skyler came into the round with a twenty-one handicap, but when the next handicap revision comes along, that number will only be a memory. With a net 61, his handicap is headed down. It was an outstanding thousand-to-one odds round for Skyler. Congratulations.

Kris Rosser captured low gross with another even par 72. He offset four bogeys with four birdies.

In the team game, Dan Hourihan, Dennis Kildare and Bruce Partridge finished on top beating Scott Hull, Ken Vlah and Skyler Irvine by two strokes. Tom Swan, George Stelmach and Jim Gabriel finished five strokes back. The victory was Partridge’s second consecutive first place finish, but again he had a bit part in a performance where Dennis Kildare was the lead actor with a net 67.

The Victors
The Victors

Scott Hull’s second place finish gave him enough Inferno Cup points to move him past Bailey Ogrin and back into second place in the Cup Standings.

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 72
  2. Tom Swan – 74
  3. Bailey Ogrin – 76

Low Net

  1. Skyler Irvine – 61
  2. Tom Swan – 65
  3. Ken Vlah – 66

As we played, we could see the storm clouds to the northeast. Fortunately, the rain held off until after the competition. Clouds brought cooler weather and slightly lower scores.