Big Bust – Bailey Goes Boom – Boy Balloons Badly

Club Champion Bailey Ogrin followed his scorching 67 of Friday with a disappointing 68 on Saturday. He bogeyed two of the easiest holes on the course including #2 Lakes and only had four birdies and an eagle to offset them. Out of poor Bailey’s last six rounds, five have been in the sixties. He has had thirty-two birdies and three eagles in that stretch. To put that in perspective, it is exactly the same number of sub-par holes as Jim Gabriel has had in his last one hundred seventeen rounds dating back to June 1, 2012.

Rickie Currens cards a net 63
Rickie Currens cards a net 63

Despite his outstanding performance, Bailey lost Saturday’s round by five strokes to Rickie Currens. Currens fired a net 63 to capture first place in the Inferno Cup competition and pick up 326.1 points moving him from 24th into 16th place in the standings. Rickie is now in the thick of the race and has a legitimate crack at climbing into the money, but he’ll have to play an extra round or two to gain the points needed to get there. Ogrin did take second place and strengthened his grip on the lead for the Inferno Cup title. Patrick Sheehan edged Matt Bintzler by a stroke to hold on to third place.

Low Net

  1. Rickie Currens – 63
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 66
  3. Patrick Sheehan – 71

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 68
  2. Kris Rosser and Mike Nichols – 78

It appears the great putt giveaway of last week came to an end this week. Scores were back into the realistic range with the average gross running at 85. This is pretty close to where the laws of statistics say scores should fall. It appears only “legitimate gimmies” were awarded. Is there such a thing?

vans-logoOnly eight rounds to go and still two dozen golfers with a good chance for the money. And thanks to our sponsor, Van’s Golf Shops, everybody has a chance for some great prizes.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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