Hot Time in the Old Town

Mike Forde played the 3-pars well when it counted
Mike Forde played the 3-pars well when it counted

Mike Forde and Anthony Arvidson teamed up to take first place in Friday’s Inferno Cup match. With the victory, Forde and Arvidson picked up more than 300 points and made significant moves in the standings. With six events remaining, two 300 point victories could move any one of ten golfers into the money. And thanks to Van’s Golf Shops, everyone in attendance at the season end event has a chance to go home with some booty.

In addition to the winners in the points totals, three competitors will split nearly a thousand dollars for the highest average point totals per round played. The golfer must have a minimum of five rounds to qualify for the prizes and that race is turning into an interesting one indeed. Rich McGee is currently in the lead with an average of 168.2 points per event, but he needs to play in three more to qualify. He has six chances remaining. Matt Bintzler sits in second place with 154.3 points per event in sixteen tries. Anthony Arvidson is in third place with 152.3 points per event.

Friday’s match was extremely close. Arvidson and Forde won by a single stroke. Heard Broadrick and Howard Jones were only three strokes back, but that was only good enough for seventh place. Bailey Ogrin and Scott Hull ended up one stroke out of first place; they finished fourth. Seven handsome skins were paid out.

Low Net

  1. Mike Miller, Anthony Arvidson and Frank Ellis – 72

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 70
  2. Kris Rosser, Bryan Noonan and Mike Miller – 78

As the scores indicated, the course played tough Friday. Scores averaged three to four strokes higher that what would normally be expected. It’s tough to explain. It could have been, at least in part, the slow play due to an outside tournament that had the course bottled up. Not that there weren’t good golfers in the outside group. We watched as the group in front of us had to hit seven balls off the first tee to get four in play. And I’m sure they played by the rules. After all, there’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t steal the flag from the stick as a souvenir is there? On #7 Arroyo, our guys had to hunt pretty hard just to locate the flagless stick before hitting our approach shots. The high scores could also have been partly due to very warm temperatures coupled with unusually high humidity. I had to check my G.P.S. to make sure I wasn’t golfing in Michigan.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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