Into the Home Stretch

Jason Sample - this close to the top
Jason Sample – this close to the top

It’s been an interesting, competitive and exciting week for the Inferno Cup. On Wednesday the 17th, twenty golfers limbered up and were ready to tee it up. In came the rains. Hurricane remnants plummeted the course and twenty plus golf carts raced for the cart-barn. When it became apparent the wait to play could be somewhat lengthy, the pugilists left their carts and convened in the Member’s Grill. An hour and a half later, only the most tenacious golfers remained. Forty-percent of the field had retreated to the comforts of home.

Fortunately, the match format was to engage two-man teams that were to be determined after the round was completed. When the last putt was in the hole, Jason Sample and Bruce Partridge ended up with a three stroke victory over Patrick Sheehan and Kris Rosser. The Cup points awarded were lowered as a consequence of the smaller field, but they were still high enough so that some players made significant moves in the Inferno Cup standings.

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 74
  2. Jason Sample and Bailey Ogrin – 75

Low Net

  1. Bruce Partridge – 67
  2. Jason Sample – 68
  3. Patrick Sheehan – 69
Pat Collins - hot time in the old town
Pat Collins – hot time in the old town

By Friday the 19th, the course was ready to take its revenge on those who sought its conquest. Scores averaged three strokes higher than normal. Pat Collins had the hot hand on the day taking low net honors and along with his partner, Mike Miller, capturing first place in the day’s match. Collins and Miller claimed 308.4 Cup points with their efforts. Skins were in short supply so they paid well. Collins grinned all the way to the bank.

Low New

  1. Pat Collins – 64
  2. Scott Hull – 66
  3. Bruce Partridge – 68

Low Gross

  1. Anthony Arvidson – 72
  2. Kris Rosser – 75
  3. Mike Miller – 78

Saturday the 20th marked the last Inferno Cup version of Marty Howe’s Green competition. Jason Sample and Rickie Currens disposed of the field in a Modified Stableford format. They accumulated twenty-five points while their closest competitors, Tom Hansen and Bailey Ogrin earned fourteen. Howard Jones and Patrick Sheehan finished third with nine points. Sample proved that with a strong move, a player can make a big jump in the standings. He started the week in twelfth place, but now sits well into the money list in sixth. He’s in a great position to move still further in the two rounds that remain.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 69
  2. Anthony Arvidson – 72
  3. Jason Sample – 75

Low Net

  1. Rickie Currens – 65
  2. Jason Sample, Patrick Sheehan and Bailey Ogrin – 68

The next to the last round takes place takes place Wednesday the 24th at McCormick Ranch Golf Club. It’s an excellent track and is right across the street from Gainey Ranch. There are still spots remaining and one of only two rounds left to improve your position in the standings. The final round of the Inferno Cup season takes place Friday the 26th at Gainey Ranch. The standings are still tight and well over a dozen players can easily finish in the money with a strong finish.

The numbers tell the tale. If you’re as far down as 17th in the standings, you’re still in the hunt. Tomorrow (the 21st), I’ll be reviewing the actual numbers on this site. You’ll know where you’re at and what it will take to climb into the money. It will surprise you to find out that even if you currently sit in 40th place, you’re positioned well to go home from the season end celebration with prizes worth far more than your entry fee. Be sure to reserve your spot for the party.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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