Inferno Cup – Tee Minus One

Heard on the Course
Heard on the course – Broadrick goes low.

Jason Sample and Sandy Wiener teamed up to win the penultimate Inferno Cup match of the 2014 season. Both made significant moves in the Inferno Cup standings. Sample moved from 6th position into 4th spot with the final match remaining Friday. The move was worth $200 additional prize money. With a win on Friday, Sample could move into third place for another $200 gain. However, Scott Hull and Mike Nichols have no intention of losing to Sample in the final match. They’re right on his heels well within striking distance. Each is less than 100 points behind. Wiener’s victory moved him up five places into 33rd position. If anything, it cost him money. It moved him up far enough to lose one lottery ticket at the awards party Friday evening.

The performance of the day belonged to Heard Broadrick. Broadrick carded a net 69 and left the house with a second place finish and a pair of well-paid skins for his efforts. The players applauded Heard louder than Heard smiled as he collected the cash.

Low Net

  1. Tom Hansen – 68
  2. Heard Broadrick and Jason Sample – 69

Low Gross

  1. Kris Rosser – 75
  2. Jason Sample – 77
  3. Harold Hoeg – 79

As expected, the competition for the money spots is going down to the final round. It’s shaping up that the last event will give roughly 300 points less the player’s “threshold” to the winners. Second place should win approximately 240 points. Third place – about 180. Let’s take a look at the war in the trenches.

Bailey Ogrin has a near death grip on first place. Howard Jones almost has a lock on second. After that, it’s war.

George Stelmach is still clinging to the last money spot. Tom Hansen is only 33 points behind. Matt Bintzler needs a net gain of about 90 points to nudge Stelmach out of line. Dan Hourihan is only 123 behind. Mike Forde can jump into the money list, but needs a first place finish to do it. If Stelmach can pull off a top three finish, he can pretty well end the race, but if he doesn’t, every putt will be huge.

So here we are. We’ve played 839 rounds of golf and it comes down to the final hole on the final day. It’s a shotgun start Friday afternoon in the hunt for a green September. Look for a great celebration at tomorrow’s party. It starts at 5:30 p.m. and is open to all Inferno Cup players and their guests. The club promises a great menu for the players and their guests. There will be an ongoing photo presentation with season highlights. And prizes will be flying about. See you there?

Author: h. Alton Jones


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