The Inferno Cup’s Beautiful Ending

King BaileyIt was a storybook ending. The young prince slayed all the dragons and ascended to the throne. Bailey Ogrin added another jewel to his golfing crown by winning the 2014 Inferno Cup. He came into the final day with a comfortable lead, but he didn’t let up on the field. He and his partner on the day, Anthony Arvidson, blistered the course to win the day’s event and earn another 340 points toward his crown. Ogrin carded two eagles in route to a nearly flawless 66. Arvidson did his share by shooting a 67. Together they put on a golfing display that will long be remembered. Bailey is a true gentleman and no one is a more fitting and deserving champion.

The other top eight finishers collected their envelopes after a wonderful season ending meal. Chef Jeff again proved his championship standing.

The other money winners finished in the top three in the “average points per event played” category. Anthony Arvidson finished in third place with 140.3 points per event. Skyler Irvine took second place with 142.8 points per event. He was unable to attend the banquet and seemed stunned with his win when I ran into him at The Coffee Bean this morning and shared the good news. The $500 first place went to Matt Bintzler with an average of 147.9 points per event.

Low Gross

  1. Bailey Ogrin – 66
  2. Anthony Arvidson – 67
  3. Kris Rosser – 70

Low Net

  1. Gary Graham – 63
  2. Bailey Ogrin – 65
  3. Kris Rosser and George Stelmach – 66

As predicted, after 53 events and nearly 900 rounds of golf, the final standings came down to the last hole on the last day of a spectacular Inferno Cup. Over the course of the tournament series, there were some great rounds, some not so great rounds, some hot days, some hotter days, rain storms, good course conditions, bad course conditions, thrown clubs, missed putts, made putts, balls lost, houses hit, golfers in lakes, carts in arroyos and golf miracles of all shapes, sizes and colors. The one thing that wasn’t in short supply was the smile. Forty-seven competitors smiled and laughed their ways through the great season. We had a fine bunch of gentleman and we had a wonderful Inferno Cup season.

Hasta el año que viene.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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