Significant Milestones

Mr PartridgeToday’s big event is the birthday of one of our own. Bruce Partridge, the Captain Morgan of the par three world, turns sixty-eight today (October 30th). Bruce has brought smiles to the faces of everyone that knows him – not always for the same reasons, but smiles nonetheless. To play a round of golf with Mr. Partridge is as close to a Disneyland ride as anyone can find this side of Anaheim. On par three holes, Bruce usually starts his tee shot somewhere to the left of the driveway cut on the frontage street of the house midway up

The Partridge swing follow-through is unique is every way
The Partridge swing follow-through is unique is every way

the fairway. Depending upon the location of the chimney, he may bring his ball in around the chimney or directly above it. When the ball re-enters the actual air space above the course perimeter, it is moving perpendicular to the fairway. It lands on the green rolling sideways toward the hole. Depending upon the amount of money riding on the shot, he will usually ($10 or above) drain the putt for birdie two or four-putt for double bogey.

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Up Stone Creek without a Paddle

canoe paddleAs so often happens, members of Gainey Ranch Golf Club couldn’t arrange to play a routine eighteen hole round at the club they had joined. Once again we were forced to go off-campus to play. In that “the season” was upon us, many courses had raised their rates. Being the bargain conscious group we were, we looked for a deal. What about Stone Creek Golf Club? Most of our guys had never played it; others hadn’t played it in years. I called.

“I’ve got a dozen guys from Gainey Ranch Golf Club that would like to give your course a try next Monday, September 22nd. What kind of a good rate can you give us?”

The man on the Stone Creek end of the phone paused, but finally said, “I can give you twenty-five dollars per player including range balls, cart and eighteen holes of golf.”

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A Casual Stroll through Scottsdale Golfer’s Paradise

Image compliments of
Image compliments of

Although the majority of the readers of this site are either Gainey Ranch G.C. members or former members, there’s no reason we can’t and shouldn’t extend the domain’s coverage to include other clubs in the Central Scottsdale area. Of course, the focus will remain on Gainey Ranch G.C. because (dare I say it?) Gainey has some of the most interesting people in the gold fish bowl of Scottsdale golf. I mean… I could write a book on the subject.

As Gainey members know, one of the great benefits of belonging to Gainey is that you get to play a lot of other courses in the area. When “the club” brings in lucrative outside tournaments, Gainey is no longer a private club and members get to the end of the line or go home. When the Hyatt plans an event and calls for the 39% of the tee times it’s guaranteed, it’s no longer a private club and members get to the end of the line or go home. When ClubCorp uses all of its tee times, especially in conjunction with the other groups in Continue reading “A Casual Stroll through Scottsdale Golfer’s Paradise”

Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain

Behind the CurtainI have a much greater understanding of one of the most famous quotes from the 1939 Hollywood spectacular, “The Wizard of Oz”. For I have indeed looked behind the curtain. As a result, rumors fly that I am no longer a member of Gainey Ranch Golf Club. I have received numerous calls and emails asking me if it is true. So allow me to put the rumors to rest. Continue reading “Pay No Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain”