Gobble, Gobble, Gobble . . .

Ogrin speaks with the mortals while standing on water.

Men’s Day, one day before Thanksgiving:  If you were wondering who the turkeys were and your names are not Nichols or Ogrin, then look in the mirror.  On a day when the course beat up 95% of the field, the team of Mike Nichols, Bailey Ogrin and guests from the law firm of Caprio & Crown won a “no contest” verdict with a nine point thrashing of the rest of the field.  Not only did they eat our dinner, but most of the desert as well with Bailey gobbling up five skins, Nichols & Crown one each leaving two left overs for Vlah and Hourihan.

As for the mere mortals with team scores clustered between 130 & 135, they were only 9 points behind the winners at 121.

1st:  121 Olgrin, Nichols, Caprio (guest) & Crown (guest)

2nd: 130 Hourihan, Rosen, Gabriel & Partridge

3rd:  132 Jalili, Molever, Vlah & Mike Miller

On a side note, not only did Nichols and Ogrin steal Thanksgiving from this unnamed group, but they allowed Wexler and Hansen to sit at their table for first place in the Gainey Club game.

Low Gross

1. Ogrin – 63

2. Nichols – 78

3. Miller – 80

Low Net

1. Ogrin – 63

2. Dobkin – 65

3. Vlah – 69

The rest of the unnamed group had very little to be thankful for until Murphy came into the member’s grill and announced, “Drinks for all” and which point Partridge yelled, “No, they’re on me.”   Sorry, I fell into a bit of fantasy there.  Then the unnamed group presented the new handicap chairman a Thanksgiving bounty including a laptop, a pair of cargo shorts and the following license plate: “1 PEAK”  say goodbye Dan.

This report filed by freelance writer Ray Delmar for the Scottsdale Golfer News.

That’s what Oates called him on stage because it rhymed with bass guitar.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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