Member Mixer – December 13, 2015

Winter in Scottsdale can be absolutely brutal. It was so cold today, golfers actually wore sweaters. Some even had jackets. Nature can be cruel at times.

Nonetheless, couples seemed to enjoy the day despite the presence of a paparattzi. After reviewing the photographs, I found I could provide a great heuristic on how to identify a birdie without actually looking at the hole. Watch the expression of these golfers and guess which one barely missed a lengthy birdie putt and which one drained it from twenty-three feet seven inches. The stages the golfer passes through are described in the image captions.

Sue Ciarfalia had a lengthy putt and gave it her best.

20151212-MemberMixer (22 of 60)
Let’s line up the putt.
20151212-MemberMixer (14 of 60)
Felt like a good stroke.
20151212-MemberMixer (15 of 60)
Hey! That puppy could fall.
20151212-MemberMixer (16 of 60)
You’ve got to be #@%$@& kidding!!!


Now here’s Pam Cahal also putting on the 8th green of the Padre Course. See if you can spot the difference.

20151212-MemberMixer (17 of 60)
Smooth and easy. Focus!
20151212-MemberMixer (18 of 60)
Looks pretty good, but …
20151212-MemberMixer (19 of 60)
Oh my! That sucker’s headed right for the hole.
20151212-MemberMixer (20 of 60)
By damn! I think it’s going to fall.
20151212-MemberMixer (21 of 60)
Kaching! That’s a wrap.

Here are some more images of the action. Click on an image to enlarge and enter the slide show mode.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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