It Was Indeed a Good Friday

What an absolute delight. It seemed everyone had a most enjoyable evening at “Castle Hoth”. Smiles far outweighed frowns. We have certainly been successful in putting together an engaging and enjoyable group for our golf games and when they bring partners and guests, it only gets better.

Here are a couple of observations from the Open House:

  • Roger Levy is apparently nothing short of hilarious. Liz woke this morning still raving about his sense of humor. No wonder Maddie smiles so much.
  • Based upon the efforts expended in the putting contest, we have an extremely competitive group. If we needed to move a mountain, we would only have to convene our group of friends and tell them “it can’t be done”.
  • Dick Cahal will sacrifice life and limb to make a putt. Note in the photos where he literally impaled himself in the rose bushes rather than miss a putt.
  • Pam Cahal will probably never speak to me again when she learns that if I had changed my three-putts into two-putts, we would have won the golf match by one point.
  • Some people putt better with a broom stick than they do with a putter.
  • Alvin Tollifson is a sucker for chocolate covered strawberries.
  • A statistical analysis shows there was no meaningful correlation between team handicap and finish position. There was, however, a strong correlation between playing well and making putts on finish position.
  • No one fell in the pool last night. There was good.
  • No one attended the event that wasn’t gracious, pleasant and absolutely delightful.
  • When Liz volunteered to put fourteen clubs in the winners golf bag, we should have talked about the differences between “clubs” and “shovels”.

Enjoy a couple of photos from the “putting” competition.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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