2017 Camelback Golf Club Ladies Invitational a Great Success

Day One (94 of 177)The Last Annual Camelback Golf Club Ladies Invitational tournament is in the books. “Our Swan Song” came off as another great success with the proceeds benefiting the Semper Fi Fund for wounded veterans and their families. As we have for the past three years, we accumulated plenty of pictures of the action and posted them on this site for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Note that you can scroll through the images or click on any one of them to go into the “slide show” mode where you can view them full-screen and advance through the presentation with your arrow keys.

As has been the case in the past, you can get copies of any of the pictures by requesting them via email. If you do, please identify the image(s) by name. Also let me know if you intend to have an image printed for framing so that I can provide you with a high resolution copy of the requested image(s).

I have tried to include shots of all of the golfers, but with so many playing, I’m sure I missed a few. If someone parks a cart in front of a player or stands in front of the player, I can’t get shots from where I was positioned. For those who noticed me, you also noticed that the photo equipment wasn’t very portable. It weighed more than a few of the golfers themselves.

In cases where photos were clearly not “flattering”, I have deleted them from my system. However, over my many years as a photographer, I know the most people, me included, feel as if it is not possible to take a pleasing picture. Historically, I’ve found the problem seems to be even bigger when photographing the ladies. If I have posted a picture of you that you truly find so unflattering that you’d like to have it removed, let me know and I’ll try to accommodate. However, my style of photography is one where I eschew “posed” pictures in deference to spontaneous ones where people’s emotions are visible. I have found that those are truly the best pictures. We are at our most beautiful when we are our most real selves. Someone rarely smiles after missing a putt, but we’re only human and we all miss putts from time-to-time. It’s a part of the game of golf and metaphorically, it’s a part of the game of life. Rejoice in being a part of humanity.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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