Sometimes You Can’t Catch a Break – Sometimes You Can!

JGolf20190213 (56 of 129)Some great golf yesterday! Jack Summers carded a gross 79 and wasn’t within ten strokes of the lead! Chip Nelson shot a strong 68 (isn’t that redundant?) while Hans Birkholz and Mike Smothermon each recorded 75s. Lee Mitchell was right on their heels with a 78.

But the round of the day was turned in by Ron Dobkin who fired a net 63 to take low net honors (and a lot of money). That should come as no surprise when considering that his partner, Hans Birkholz, turned in a net 64.

The day was punctuated with Mark Van Ark’s gross eagle on the par four fifth hole and Mike Smothermon’s gross eagle on the par five seventh hole. Lee Mitchell came close to negating Smothermon’s eagle, but his putt couldn’t quite find the bottom of the hole.

The shot of the day came from Dobkin who was in golf hell far to the right of the eighth green. He hit his second shot rather “thin” (that’s today’s understatement) and it rocketed across the green at head-height like it had been fired from a missile launcher. Before taking out the patio door on a house by the course, it hit a golf bag near the cart path high above the green. The ball bounced off the bag and began a circuitous route toward the green. It arrived on the green, began a sweeping break and rolled steadily toward the hole. It rolled to a stop at “tap-in” distance, but didn’t fall for birdie. Some guys just can’t catch a break.

Not everyone had such good JGolf20190213 (59 of 129)fortune. Mike Allison’s approach shot on the fourteenth hole narrowly missed the pin… and the green… and the fairway… and the rough… and the golf course. The picture shown here is his attempt to extricate the ball from the outback. I’ve titled it “Allison in Blunderland”. There are many additional pictures for your viewing pleasure shown below.

(Click on any photo to enlarge into “Slide Show” mode.)

Author: h. Alton Jones


3 thoughts on “Sometimes You Can’t Catch a Break – Sometimes You Can!”

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for taking all the time yesterday. I can use a little more cash so please play tomorrow.

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    Sander N. Wiener


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