Silverado Golf Course – Slightly Better Than Nothing

silveradopic3A group of a dozen golfers decided to give Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club a second chance. The first chance came nearly a year earlier; we weren’t favorably impressed. But, it seemed unfair to base our opinions on only one data point. Anyone can have a bad day. Perhaps we happened to be there for the only bad day they’d ever inflicted upon golfers. The second chance came Friday, April 21st.

Based upon our experience on the 21st, our first experience may have been one of their better days. The second chance was as close to disaster as one can come without seeing a mushroom cloud. Most of us feel fortunate to have escaped the property with our tattered, challenged and abused senses of humor intact.

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2017 Camelback Golf Club Ladies Invitational a Great Success

Day One (94 of 177)The Last Annual Camelback Golf Club Ladies Invitational tournament is in the books. “Our Swan Song” came off as another great success with the proceeds benefiting the Semper Fi Fund for wounded veterans and their families. As we have for the past three years, we accumulated plenty of pictures of the action and posted them on this site for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.

Note that you can scroll through the images or click on any one of them to go into the “slide show” mode where you can view them full-screen and advance through the presentation with your arrow keys.

As has been the case in the past, you can get copies of any of the pictures by requesting them via email. If you do, please identify the image(s) by name. Also let me know if you intend to have an image printed for framing so that I can provide you with a high resolution copy of the requested image(s).

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Friday, September 30th – A War of Attrition

Joe Busch finished on top

The Padre course was tough on the field. Of the survivors, no one shot better than two strokes above handicap. The weather was warm, but the course was in good shape. Bob Joselyn didn’t finish after the heat seemed to take its toll. Bill Yarbrough had to retire after nine holes after suffering a back injury. Looking at the scores, it appears to have been a hard day for everyone including the finishers.

Joe Busch drew Lee Mitchell as his blind draw and they finished at the top of the pack. Howard Jones ended up with a blind draw of Howard Coren. They shared second place with the team of Stu Gilman and Howard Coren. Yes, Howard Coren won second place – twice!

Low Net

  1. 69 – Joe Busch
  2. 72 – Maddie Levy and Howard Coren

Low Gross

  1. 75 – Stu Gilman
  2. 78 – Tom Pastorino
  3. 81 – Jack Summers

Before talking about the payouts, let’s review the rules as they have existed for a number of years. In the event of an error in the score calculations or payments of prize money, the error – by definition – ceases to be an error as the competitors leave the scorer’s table. The computer used to determine winners and losers suffered from a battery failure and skins were determined quickly by eye. (Remember the “old days”?) As you can see looking at the final results, thirteen skins were paid. “By definition” (we’re no longer at the table), that is the correct number of skins. However, had the computer been up and running, there would have been only ten skins. As it turned out, Mike Allison, Bob Joselyn and Joe Busch each were paid for a skin that wasn’t actually earned. Congratulations. That’s a “rub of the green”.

Of note:

Stu Gilman carded an eagle on the par five thirteenth hole. There were eleven birdies or better on the round, five of which were contributed by Gilman and Joe Busch.

The question of poor play relative to handicap is partially attributable to the warm conditions, but there no doubt is more to consider. We played from the yellow (forward) tees yesterday. The grounds team at Camelback has been more conscientious in recent months when placing the yellow tees. The course has been setup with the tee placements closer to where they were when it was rated, i.e., in the correct positions. A review of the past 600 rounds of golf played on the Padre course show that the average to handicap from the yellow tees has been two and a quarter strokes higher than when playing from the white (middle) tees. The implications of this fact are varied and significant, but to summarize them … it’s not to your advantage to play a course that is made easier than it should be. Camelback staff is to be commended for making the course play properly.

The Camelback Ladies Invitational Benefitting The Semper Fi Fund a Smashing Success

232 ladies had great fun for a great cause. Well, maybe the lady who hit three balls in the pond on #18 didn’t have as much fun, but it was still for a great cause. Approximately $60,000 went to the Semper Fi Fund as a result of this year’s tournament. We had perfect weather, two fabulous golf courses, a staff that catered to every need and a cadre of volunteers that put heart and soul into this wonder event. If I said here are a few pictures of the participants, I’d go to prison for “gross understatement”. Here are lots of pictures. Enjoy!

If you were a participant and would like to have a digital copy of any of the images, note the name and number of the image and email I’ll be happy to remove the copyright on the image so you can produce the printable version. You may click on any of the images below for a full screen slideshow. Thanks for helping with a great cause. Continue reading “The Camelback Ladies Invitational Benefitting The Semper Fi Fund a Smashing Success”

50 Shades of Green

The 2016 Semper Fi Fund Invitational is underway at Camelback Golf Club. 232 ladies are competing on two courses in perfect weather in Scottsdale, Arizona. A great reception took place Tuesday evening at Camelback’s Lakeview Lodge. It was a marvelous kickoff to one of Arizona’s finest events. Here are a few photos from the event. Continue reading “50 Shades of Green”

It Was Indeed a Good Friday

What an absolute delight. It seemed everyone had a most enjoyable evening at “Castle Hoth”. Smiles far outweighed frowns. We have certainly been successful in putting together an engaging and enjoyable group for our golf games and when they bring partners and guests, it only gets better.

Here are a couple of observations from the Open House:

  • Roger Levy is apparently nothing short of hilarious. Liz woke this morning still raving about his sense of humor. No wonder Maddie smiles so much.
  • Based upon the efforts expended in the putting contest, we have an extremely competitive group. If we needed to move a mountain, we would only have to convene our group of friends and tell them “it can’t be done”.
  • Dick Cahal will sacrifice life and limb to make a putt. Note in the photos where he literally impaled himself in the rose bushes rather than miss a putt.
  • Pam Cahal will probably never speak to me again when she learns that if I had changed my three-putts into two-putts, we would have won the golf match by one point.
  • Some people putt better with a broom stick than they do with a putter.
  • Alvin Tollifson is a sucker for chocolate covered strawberries.
  • A statistical analysis shows there was no meaningful correlation between team handicap and finish position. There was, however, a strong correlation between playing well and making putts on finish position.
  • No one fell in the pool last night. There was good.
  • No one attended the event that wasn’t gracious, pleasant and absolutely delightful.
  • When Liz volunteered to put fourteen clubs in the winners golf bag, we should have talked about the differences between “clubs” and “shovels”.

Enjoy a couple of photos from the “putting” competition.

2016 Member-Guest Tournament

The 2016 Camelback Golf Club Member/Guest Tournament was a great success. Congratulations to the Eckert brothers for their great victory. Here are some images from the action. Continue reading “2016 Member-Guest Tournament”

Member Mixer – December 13, 2015

Winter in Scottsdale can be absolutely brutal. It was so cold today, golfers actually wore sweaters. Some even had jackets. Nature can be cruel at times.

Nonetheless, couples seemed to enjoy the day despite the presence of a paparattzi. After reviewing the photographs, I found I could provide a great heuristic on how to identify a birdie without actually looking at the hole. Watch the expression of these golfers and guess which one barely missed a lengthy birdie putt and which one drained it from twenty-three feet seven inches. The stages the golfer passes through are described in the image captions.

Sue Ciarfalia had a lengthy putt and gave it her best.

20151212-MemberMixer (22 of 60)
Let’s line up the putt.
20151212-MemberMixer (14 of 60)
Felt like a good stroke.
20151212-MemberMixer (15 of 60)
Hey! That puppy could fall.
20151212-MemberMixer (16 of 60)
You’ve got to be #@%$@& kidding!!!


Now here’s Pam Cahal also putting on the 8th green of the Padre Course. See if you can spot the difference.

20151212-MemberMixer (17 of 60)
Smooth and easy. Focus!
20151212-MemberMixer (18 of 60)
Looks pretty good, but …
20151212-MemberMixer (19 of 60)
Oh my! That sucker’s headed right for the hole.
20151212-MemberMixer (20 of 60)
By damn! I think it’s going to fall.
20151212-MemberMixer (21 of 60)
Kaching! That’s a wrap.

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