A Tip of the Hat to the Commissioner

The CommissionerFor many years, Dennis Kildare has poured heart and soul into the game of golf. He has spent countless hours organizing, coordinating and managing golf matches, mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. Few people have a grasp of the amount of time and effort it has taken him to solicit the players, create the groupings, engineer the games, tally the scores, collect the money, distribute the prizes, interface with the club, get the starting times and myriad other tasks associated with the job he has voluntarily done for the enjoyment of his friends and fellow club members.


Then the headaches begin. “I can’t play – something’s come up.” Dennis then scrambles to get a replacement.


“If I have to play in the same group as that guy, I’m not showing up.” Dennis arranges for a blind draw.

“That son of a bitch cheats!” Dennis tries to make sure everyone plays by the rules.


“My handicap’s not right!” Dennis double checks. It’s right.”


“No wonder he wins all the time. He gives himself six foot putts.” The Commissioner tells everyone that every ball must hit the bottom of the hole.


“No wonder he wins all the time. He intentionally misses six foot putts.” Dennis says, “Play fair.”


Dennis’ life has been getting too complicated lately. It’s made his role that much more difficult. No one can blame him for longing for the simpler days. So he has “retired” or at least he’s trying to return to the days when life was more comfortable. Who can blame him? Wouldn’t all of us like to return to the good old days when life was simple, when kids were up-front and the worst thing that could happen was to lose your roller-skate key?


We all owe Dennis a great debt of gratitude for his untiring efforts.