Kildare Group Results – Friday June 15th

The field for Friday’s group was small with some of the regulars skipping the event in anticipation of the Gainey/U.S. Open Tournament Saturday and Sunday. Cris Caruso stayed on his hot streak winning both low gross and low net (75/69). Don Coolidge took second place in the net category with a 70 while Gary Reibman finished second in the gross group with 81.

Low Gross

  1. Cris Caruso – 75
  2. Don Coolidge – 81
  3. Ron Rosin and Harold Hoeg – 83

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Kildare Golf Results – June 13th

107° Wednesday, but it’s a dry heat. The winner of the low net with an outstanding and steady round of 63 was George Stelmach. In shooting a gross 76, he carded only one birdie. Cris Caruso and Ken Vlah tied for second place three strokes back at 66. Cris’ 73 won him low gross honors.

Low Net

  1. George Stelmach – 63
  2. Cris Caruso – 66
  3. Ken Vlah – 66 Continue reading “Kildare Golf Results – June 13th”

Odd Statistics . . .

Here’s a curious statistic for the week – of the 34 rounds played in the Kildare group, only 82% were posted toward handicaps. Comparing the unposted scores with their related handicaps shows no correlation between the potential impacts on handicap. In other words, if someone “forgot” to post because he didn’t want it to affect his handicap, we had an equal number trying to keep their handicaps lower versus higher. In all probability, 18% of the field either simply forgot to post or they falsely assumed the team “captain” would post the scores.

It may be noteworth that the average age of those who didn’t post was slightly in excess of 70 years. It could simply be a manifestation of impeded memory function. Did I already say that?

Perhaps I can get the club to tell me how much liquor was sold on the course during the round and how much was sold in the Member’s Grill immediately after. It might be interesting to see if booze consumption correlates with the posting efficiency.

Golf Results – Friday June 8th

Cris Caruso and Justin Nashimoto tied for low gross with 73’s Friday. Mike Miller posted a 74 and Ron Rosin turned in another fine round with a 75. Ron Rosin (65) and Cris Caruso (66) placed first and second in the net score arena.

Golfing conditions must have been good as five golfers significantly beat the handicap odds maker. Gary Reibman stayed on a roll with a net 67 and Mike Wentrup also posted a net 67.

Dale Fitzhenry, Marty Howe, Mike Miller and Ken Vlah all took home a net skin while Cris Caruso won two gross skins and Mike Miller left with one.

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Golf Results – Wednesday June 6th

A warm day, but the golfers were hotter. More than 40% of the field fired gross scores in the 70’s Wednesday. Gary Reibman shot his age (75), but was edged out for low gross by Cris Caruso (74) who shot his grandmother’s age. Scott Thompson, Joel Temple, Howard Jones, Ron Rosin, Dave Kopp and Jim Stamatis all posted numbers in the 70’s.

Here are the winners.

Low Gross:

  • Cris Caruso – 74
  • Gary Reibman – 75
  • Scott Thompson – 77

 Low Net:

  • Gary Reibman – 65
  • Brian Laks – 65
  • Jim Stamatis – 66
  • Mike Forde – 66

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Golf Results and Analysis – Friday June 1st

The weather was warm. We played Arroyo/Lakes from the green tees. For those of you that don’t like the detailed analysis, here are the simple results for Friday’s men’s golf match.

Low Gross:

  • Mike Miller – 75
  • Howard Jones – 79
  • Scott Thompson – 79

Low Net:

  • Steve King – 64
  • Jim Gabriel – 64
  • Tom Hansen – 68

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Dave Inman, MGA President, Paroled from Hospital

From Debbie Inman – Monday 6/6/2012

Dave came home yesterday and is doing well, up and walking around as well as trying to do things on the Doctor’s banned list like bending down to pick stuff up.  There was some time on Sunday when we both wondered why he’d done this but now he is pain free (without meds) and feeling like some of his strength has come back so it looks like it was worth it.  He has a lovely neck brace that he has to wear for three weeks and his voice is a little scratchy sounding but otherwise things are pretty good.

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Monster Golf Results

It was a “warm” day, but there was a great turnout for Monster Golf. It would be gross understatement to suggest the course played a bit tougher than normal. For myself, I learned that when playing a “regular” round of golf and thinking a pin placement was unfair, I’m complaining without cause. They can be worse – much, much worse. Good thing there was a four putt maximum.

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Dennis Kildare Update

Monday 6/11 p.m. – Susan Miller

Made a point of stopping in to see Dennis Kildare today  (as we are leaving in the morning for a trip) at pueblo norte rehab facility.


I went unannounced.  He is in room 319 in the rehab section.  Margie was there  at his bedside“““— no surprise.


Considering all that he has been thru, I think he was in remarkably great  spirits….. “Get me the f&^% out of here” eventually was mentioned as part of the conversation.  He has the determination to get thru this stage for sure!! He was up and walking on his own with oxygen.  The think it wil be two weeks until he is “released ” to go home …. but we’ll see.

Both Dennis and Margie want everyone to know that they are taking calls “when Dennis is up to it” so don’t take offense if they do not respond immediately, just give it some time. He could be busy with physical therapy or resting……., and that is more important right now.

Just thought you would be the one to pass this on to the gang.

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