Dennis Kildare Update

Monday 6/11 p.m. – Susan Miller

Made a point of stopping in to see Dennis Kildare today  (as we are leaving in the morning for a trip) at pueblo norte rehab facility.


I went unannounced.  He is in room 319 in the rehab section.  Margie was there  at his bedside“““— no surprise.


Considering all that he has been thru, I think he was in remarkably great  spirits….. “Get me the f&^% out of here” eventually was mentioned as part of the conversation.  He has the determination to get thru this stage for sure!! He was up and walking on his own with oxygen.  The think it wil be two weeks until he is “released ” to go home …. but we’ll see.

Both Dennis and Margie want everyone to know that they are taking calls “when Dennis is up to it” so don’t take offense if they do not respond immediately, just give it some time. He could be busy with physical therapy or resting……., and that is more important right now.

Just thought you would be the one to pass this on to the gang.

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