2013 Ryder Cup – That’s a Wrap

Ryder Cup (2 of 2)The 2013 Gainey Ranch Ryder Cup competition was spirited and exciting. It was marked by some miraculous shots, great weather, a course in excellent condition and the biggest field ever. Six fourteen man teams fought it out, but when the last ball rolled in, Team Italy proved to be the dominant force in the field. Kurt Saulnier captained the Italian team with Gary Anzalone, Andy Anderson, Sandy Wiener, Mike Nichols, Greg Luce, George Lahood, Howard Garr, Dan Hourihan, Al Rivard, Tom Hansen, Ron Dobkin, Jim Woods and Nick De Santis. They were unbeatable as they ran away from the field with 231½ points. The second place team, Team USA, captained by John Herold was 19 points back. Team Spain with Rick Brown at the helm fell from second to third place on the last day finishing 21½ points behind the leaders. Tournament photos.

Perhaps the shot of the tournament came from Gene Kloeckner. When playing Team Canada, Kloeckner watched as his opponent’s tee shot on #6 Arroyo rolled toward the hole and came to rest for an easy birdie putt. Kloeckner hooked his ball hard left. It came to rest amidst the bushes next to the wall marking the course boundary. It sat precariously in the rocks. At that point in time, no rational human being would have given Team Ireland a ghost’s chance in hell of salvaging the hole.

Ryder Cup (1 of 2)Were it not for the fact that Gene had to hit the ball off of the rocks from out of the bushes, it wouldn’t have been a tough shot. Well except that it had to clear the cart path and the cavernous sand trap that guarded the green and somehow land in a small patch of rough well above the hole that would slow it down enough to keep it out of the lake that awaited errant shots just past the hole. Still, it would have been a relatively easy shot for Phil Mickelson (if he had 500 balls) or perhaps makeable by the ghost of Sam Snead or Byron Nelson. True that Kloeckner had almost no green to work with, but at least it was fast, severely breaking toward the water and very much downhill.

So naturally, Gene somehow managed to chip the ball 30 yards over the trap and into the hole for birdie. Team Canada made its birdie so the hole was halved, however, Team Ireland won the mental match right there.

Maybe no shot matched Kloeckner’s, but there were stories galore of heroic performances and putts that found the hole from a different time zone. A great tournament indeed.

There was a profound impact on the Gainey Cup standings. With one event remaining Jim Woods has moved to the top of the list. You can see the complete results here.

2013 Member-Guest a Hard Fought Tournament

Rick May 2 Member-Guest 2013When the going got tough, the tough played the 2013 Member-Guest Tournament at Gainey Ranch Golf Club. Competitors from all over the nation converged on Scottsdale from March 7th-9th and chased the prize under cloudy skies, cold winds and a downpour that pummeled golfers and course alike. The Arroyos ran deep and playing conditions were brutal. The weather was so severe that while huddled in the member’s grill during a lightning delay, participants were plunged into darkness for an hour or two when the entire area lost power following a lightning strike.

A couple of very short videos are available (compliments of Raoul Encinas) that will give you some idea of the conditions on the course. Rick May goes wadingNick Antonio gets hammered by the rain and sleet.

When all was said and done, the team of Joel Temple and Frank Miller prevailed. They defeated Rick Shock and Mike O’Connor in a dramatic chip-off on the eighteenth hole of the Lakes Course as temperatures chilled the bones of dozens of spectators. Guest, Frank Miller made his Michigan State Spartan friends proud when his chip across the water landed in the center of the greenTemple Miller rifle and curled toward the hole ensuring victory.

Flight winners and two “wild card” teams qualified for the exciting final round on the Lakes course. Raoul Encinas and his guest, Brian McGee were eliminated on #7 Lakes. Jim Stewart and his son, Chris Cuevas checked out on #8 Lakes. Dick Lockwood and his guest, Jayson Walker joined Mike Forde and guest, Phil Long as well as Ed Nafus and guest, Bob Drab in being eliminated on the earlier holes of the final round.

Despite being savaged by the weather, everyone seemed to have a great time. Competitors celebrated the final evening with another great dinner from Chef Jeff, one of the finest club chefs in Arizona. Dinner, dancing and partying with friends old and new highlighted the last night of the 2013 Member-Guest.

You can see images of the Awards Dinner here.


2013 Member/Member Tournament in the Book

2013 Member-Member WinnersThe 2013 Gainey Ranch Golf Club Member/Member tournament has been won by the team of Jim Stamatis and Dave Inman. Congratulations for an outstanding performance under difficult circumstances. They edged out the team of Gary Mattox and Jim Maxwell by just one stroke. Jim Stewart and Bob Proebstle finished third one stroke behind Mattox and Maxwell. Other than some excellent golf, it appeared the secret to winning was simply having someone named “Jim” our your team.

Dennis Kildare and Pat Collins grabbed fourth place, Rick “Go Green” Hurula and John Suarez finished fifth followed by the teams of Evan Carr and Kurt Saulnier, and Brian Laks and Sandy Wiener. Gary Anzalone and Dan Hellman tied the team of Alex Currie and Ed Nafus for eighth place.

Carie in furA total of 39 teams braved cold weather and hot discussions. The victors were nowhere near the torrid pace of last year’s winners (Cap Brown and Dick Delano), but the weather drove scores much higher this year.

This year’s fashion kings were the usual suspects. Mike Steele always dresses for the camera. Steve King was just plain cool. Most others looked their best for the year’s big event. You can see hundreds of photos from the event by finding the “Tournament Pictures” link on the right hand side of the screen toward the bottom of the page. You can also cast your vote for the best dressed golfer in the red survey box in the upper right corner of the screen.

The Holiday Classic – a Great Success

Holiday Classic 2012 (171 of 212)It was a spectacular day for golf in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Men’s Golf Association couldn’t have had better weather or a finer course for the second big tournament of year, the 2012 Holiday Classic. When the scores had been tallied the team of Bernie Katchen and John Goesling edged out Howard Walger and Rick Schok. Tom Hansen and Bryan Noonan came in third narrowly missing the title. Scott Thompson and Jim Gabriel claimed fourth followed by the team of Brian Williams and Holiday Classic 2012 (170 of 212)Mike Steele. Dennis Kildare and Jay Yourk took the final spot in the money just edging out Steve King and Bill Petsas and the other thirty-five teams between them and the trophy.

The entire photo gallery from the tournament and the antiHoliday Classic 2012 (19 of 212)cs following can be found by looking at the right-hand column of this page and clicking on “Tournament Pictures”. Our spy-cam was hard at work in the Member’s Grill following the golfing action. THoliday Classic 2012 (94 of 212)hose requesting the original copies of their photos may pay in cash, credit card or monthly installments. It sounds suspiciously like blackmail, but it’s simply a concept called “dark marketing”.Holiday Classic 2012 (87 of 212)

Some of the awards not awarded include, (1) “Tallest Team” of Steve King and Bill Petsas, (2) “Iconoclast of Fashion”, Mike Steele, (3) “Patriotism Award”, Chris “What a cHoliday Classic 2012 (177 of 212)ountry” Balakas, (4) “Coldest Beer”, Carie, (5) “Best Moustache”, Laurence Rosen, (6) “Best Winner’s Smile”, John Goesling, (7) and “Most Deserving Non-Winners”, Jim Woods and Howard Jones.Holiday Classic 2012 (188 of 212)

The Gainey Cup points for the tournament have been tallied and can be seen by clicking here.

It’s already time to sign up for the next big tournament, The Winter Classic on January 12, 2013. See you there.

Announcing The Gainey Cup – Honor, Prestige, Profit

Click here for printable announcement: Gainey Cup Flyer

The 2012-2013 golf season at Gainey Ranch Golf Club is the inaugural year of the prestigious Race for the Gainey Cup. Just as the FedEx Cup rewards PGA players that perform at a consistently high level, the Gainey Cup will be awarded to the golfer that amasses the most points throughout the golf year. Points will be awarded for every MGA sanctioned tournament finish – the higher the finish, the greater the number of points. Consistency will be the name of the game. A single tournament win doesn’t guarantee the player the Cup. A single weak tournament performance doesn’t take him out of the running. Good play throughout the season will lead one MGA member to the top of the class.

There will be three regular tournaments and three majors. More points are awarded in the Majors.

There’s more than prestige winning the Gainey Cup. The prizes are fabulous. The winner receives free cart rentals for the 2013-2014 season (November 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014). For someone that golf’s three or four times per week, that amounts to more than $1,600. The winner also receives free entry into all MGA tournaments for the 2013-2014 season ($600), $250 club credit, their name on the Gainey cup trophy that stays at the club in the trophy case, and a trophy to take home.

The prizes for 2nd and 3rd place are $500 and $250 club credit respectively.

There is no cost; you are entered with your MGA membership.

A page will be dedicated on this site to maintain the rules and the current Gainey Cup standings as the season progresses. And we’ve got great news; YOU are currently tied for First Place!

Live from Barton Creek – Day 1

Travis LakeThe first 18 are in the books.  There isn’t much to say other than…damn those guys from Texas are good.  One of the Houston teams turned in a 55….that’s right “Five Five”

I think those boys are juicing.  They weren’t the only ones firing in the fifties.  There were another 8-10 teams under 60.  The good news; we didn’t bet any of those teams.  However, the bad news – we lost on all of our other 8 bets.  Ugh!

We were left with nothing else to do but have beverages….many many beverages.  So we headed to Travis Lake for the view.  We decided, that if the wheels start to come off, 9:15 isn’t too early to drink.

On Dave’s lost luggage – nothing after 48 hours.  He was discharged from the army; the hotel was able to get him some new tighty whities.

Steve “Army” King….team mascot and caddy