Kildare Group – July 6th – The Canadians are Coming!

Canadians conquered Gainey Friday. That’s only supposed to happen in the winter months. Harold Hoeg beat up on the competition by shooting a gross 74 (he couldn’t sink a putt, eh?) and at the same time, winning the net competition with a 67. Marty Howe was right on his heals with a net 68 tying Mike Forde who also fired a net 68.

Low Net

  1. Harold Hoeg – 67
  2. Marty Howe and Mike Forde – 68

Low Gross

  1. Harold Hoeg – 74
  2. Mike Miller – 75
  3. Howard Jones – 80

It’s interesting to note that not only Hoeg and Howe are Canadian born, both Miller and Jones grew up near the Canadian border. It’s all sounding rather conspiratorial, don’t you agree?

The average score was 84 gross and 71.1 net. Were it not for Hoeg and Howe, the field was really quite average Friday. Toughest hole on the course was #9 Arroyo playing at nearly a stroke and a quarter over par. The pin was in front, the easiest position on green. Apparently, the fairway had been placed in a difficult position. I know I had trouble hitting it.

Kildare Wednesday Group – Tuesday, July 3rd

The course was stingy Tuesday giving up only two birdies. Despite the birdie dearth, nearly every golfer in the field bested his handicap. Pars and bogies ruled the day. Mike Wentrup went from the back of the pack Friday to the top of the heap with a net 67 (80 gross). Ken Vlah also shot net 67 with an 87 gross. Low gross honors went to Mike Miller with a 75 followed by Howard Jones at 79.

Low Gross

  1. Mike Miller – 75
  2. Howard Jones – 79
  3. Mike Wentrup – 80

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Wentrup a Top Six Finisher – Kildare Group June 29th

Mike Wentrup’s game wasn’t without flaw Friday, but he still managed a top-six finish in both the gross and net categories. Unfortunately, there were only six players on the card. The approaching holiday weekend, travel plans and the heat kept the field small. The top five players all bettered their handicap with Pat Collins lighting it up with a net 62 (gross 76).

Low Net

  1. Pat Collins – 62
  2. Joel Temple – 68
  3. Don Hourihan and George Stelmach – 69

Low Gross

  1. Pat Collins – 76
  2. Joel Temple – 78
  3. Dan Hourihan – 81 Continue reading “Wentrup a Top Six Finisher – Kildare Group June 29th”

Kildare Results – June 27th

Rosin ran away from the field Wednesday after (again) shooting his age. Ron carded a gross 72 and a net 63. He finished well in front of the competition both in the gross and net categories. No one else in the field pushed him.

Only one hole on the course played at “over bogey” and it will surprise no one it was #7 Lakes. 45% of the field scored double-bogey or worse on the hole. There were a dozen birdies on the day, one third of which were found on the card of Ron Rosin.

Low Net

  1. Ron Rosin – 63
  2. Ken Vlah – 68
  3. Mike Forde and Jim Gabriel – 70 Continue reading “Kildare Results – June 27th”

Kildare Results – Wednesday June 20th

What a day of golf! Half the field performed substantially worse than their handicaps predicted, but some guys really lit it up was some great rounds. Cris Caruso shot a solid 75 and wondered if that might be good enough to finish first again. Purge the thought! In walked Scott Thompson who carded a gross 72. Surely that would hold up for low gross. And it did . . . until Joel Temple walked in the door. Not only did he shoot gross 72, he did it with a ten handicap for a net 62. Good solid golf rounds from all three.

Low Gross

  1. Joel Temple and Scott Thompson – 72
  2. Cris Caruso – 75 Continue reading “Kildare Results – Wednesday June 20th”

Gainey – U.S. Open Championship

The Gainey – U.S. Open Tournament is in the books. Congratulations go out to the winners Dave Hopkins and Lowell Shonk. They ran away from the field with a seventeen under par performance. They dominated the opening day with a twelve under par score without the help of their chosen pros of David Toms and Webb Simpson. They faded slightly on the second day of the tournament, but their pros stepped in and put them over the top. Continue reading “Gainey – U.S. Open Championship”

Kildare Group Results – Friday June 15th

The field for Friday’s group was small with some of the regulars skipping the event in anticipation of the Gainey/U.S. Open Tournament Saturday and Sunday. Cris Caruso stayed on his hot streak winning both low gross and low net (75/69). Don Coolidge took second place in the net category with a 70 while Gary Reibman finished second in the gross group with 81.

Low Gross

  1. Cris Caruso – 75
  2. Don Coolidge – 81
  3. Ron Rosin and Harold Hoeg – 83

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