Significant Milestones

Mr PartridgeToday’s big event is the birthday of one of our own. Bruce Partridge, the Captain Morgan of the par three world, turns sixty-eight today (October 30th). Bruce has brought smiles to the faces of everyone that knows him – not always for the same reasons, but smiles nonetheless. To play a round of golf with Mr. Partridge is as close to a Disneyland ride as anyone can find this side of Anaheim. On par three holes, Bruce usually starts his tee shot somewhere to the left of the driveway cut on the frontage street of the house midway up

The Partridge swing follow-through is unique is every way
The Partridge swing follow-through is unique is every way

the fairway. Depending upon the location of the chimney, he may bring his ball in around the chimney or directly above it. When the ball re-enters the actual air space above the course perimeter, it is moving perpendicular to the fairway. It lands on the green rolling sideways toward the hole. Depending upon the amount of money riding on the shot, he will usually ($10 or above) drain the putt for birdie two or four-putt for double bogey.

Bruce is one of our premier fashionistas. His philosophy is “Hey, life is a circle. It was in style once before. It’s got to come back in style some time.” For those of us that know Bruce well, we know him to be one of the most generous men in Scottsdale. That’s why he would like you to have the drink of your choice – on him – after Friday’s golf roFashionista Partridgeund. If you ask Bruce if it’s true, remember he is incredibly humble and will deny that he has made such a magnanimous offer. However, this is only because he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight for his generousity. Just tell the bartender to bill it to Bruce.

On a marginally related matter, those interested in learning more about how to operate a golf club from behind the proverbial curtain, make it a point to get tickets for this musical golf club management seminar at the Desert Stages Theater in Scottsdale. It should be a wonderful afternoon or evening and great for adults and kids alike.

Author: h. Alton Jones


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